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MEYBRIAH Living Water Pendant is a one of a kind piece of jewelry with added revitalization value.

The pendants are hand-made using either a pure 999 silver spiral coil and a 925 silver closure or

using18K gold exclusively for the spiral coil and the closure.



MEYBRIAH's Personal Stick is a small stylish portable water revitalization tool.

It allows you to enjoy the benefits of revitalization wherever you are.

The wand:          

  • revitalizes your personal drinking water              

  • allows you to enjoy a higher quality level of taste from your food and beverages

  • maximizes your culinary experience



MEYBRIAH’s Chef Stick is a stylish professional portable revitalization tool.

The Chef Stick allows amplification of your culinary creativity and creation by using the revitalization effect.

It is a must have tool for chefs and gourmet food lovers.

The  Chef Stick as two sides : The WATER side to revitalize water and water based products and the MATTER side to revitalize the original taste and flavor of the ingredients.

MEYBRIA’s Chef Stick

  • revitalizes wine,coffee,alcohol, juice and all water based products and liquids

  • reduces unpleasant flavors and taste ”noise”

  • enhances textures making them silky, harmonious,round and “open”

  • creates nuances that makes the difference

  • allows you to create your own personal gourmet signature.


MEYBRIAH Revitalization Home Device

Water is the source of life, and has a major  impact on the family household and our everyday living.

MEYBRIAH's revitalization home device is a special device allowing you and your family to enjoy the benefits of high quality revitalized living water for all home purposes.


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