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The MEYBRIAH living water pendant is a one of a kind piece of jewelry with added revitalization value.

The pendant contains a 'vital core' glass vial filled with MEYBRIAH's unique water essence.

The "vital core" refers to the active medium in the MEYBRIAH well-being products which contain the water essence that is made according to the unique MEYBRIAH  know how.

The pendant gently affects our body according to the natural principle of “water on water induction”. 

The pendants are hand-made using either a pure 999 silver spiral coil and a 925 silver closure or

using18K gold exclusively for the spiral coil and the closure.

The design of the pendant reflects the spirit of water in nature: raw, clean and flowing.


The revitalization effect of the pendant is what makes it much more than jewelry.

 Our satisfied clients report on the amazing added benefits that they feel: 


  •  mental and physical stability

  •  balance

  •  lightness 

  •  freshness

  •  improvement and relief from unpleasant physical sensations


The pendant can be worn 24/7 and kept on during a shower or bath.

The vital core vial is made of glass and it is highly recommended to replace the vital core once a year to ensure maximum revitalization performance.

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