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מים למסעדות | Living Water for Restaurants

Water is an essential ingredient in every food product we eat and drink.

From the experience of our customers with restaurants and bakeries it is clear that MEYBRIAH living water is the key to improve the quality of the final product.


  • improves and balances flavors and textures  

  • reduces the side effects of flavors

  • creates a sense of freshness 

  • increases bacterial stability

  • creates smaller bubbles in carbonated beverages

  • provides a high level of sanitation

MEYBRIAH chef-stick

  • revitalizes wine,coffee,alcohol, juice and all water based products and liquids

  • reduces unpleasant flavors and taste ”noise”

  • enhances textures making them silky, harmonious,round and “open”

  • creates nuances that makes the difference

  • allows you to create your own personal gourmet signature

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