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Water is the source of life, and has a major important impact on the family household and our everyday living.

MEYBRIAH's revitalization home device is a special device allowing you and your family to enjoy the benefits of high quality revitalized living water for all home purposes.

The MEYBRIAH home device is a clip on device made from high quality aluminum.

The device is easily installed on the main water pipe next to the water meter.

The special vital core is located inside the home device.

The home vital core is responsible for the capacity and the high quality results of the water revitalization process.

The MEYBRIAH home revitalization device improves the quality and taste of any existing or any required home drinking water purification system.


Our satisfied home clients enjoy living water that:



  •  is fresh, soft and easy to swallow 

  •  gives food amazing flavor and keeps it fresh for longer

  •  facilitates economical use of cleaning products and enhances a sense of fresh smelling laundry

  • provides a feel-good effect while bathing and showering

  • is gentle on skin and hair

  • turns your garden vital and makes plants grow faster 

  • has a high level of sanitation


It is important to replace the home vital core once a year to ensure best revitalization performance.

The external dimensions of the home device:

 67mm length,  62mm width.

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