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 Living Water


Connecting life to the full potential of living water 

Behind MEYBRIAH's water revitalization products and services stands the idea that increasing the natural potential of water is the key to maximize the natural potential of anything that contains water.


 MEYBRIAH produces products using the principle of water revitalization to achieve this goal.

 MEYBRIAH's products and services are based on the know-how of MEYBRIAH to create the vital cores that operate the process of revitalization.


MEYBRIAH Vital Core Technology

MEYBRIAH  develops water essences for the vital cores.

 The vital cores contain water produced according to the unique know-how of MEYBRIAH.

  The vital core affects the water close to the core which causes the revitalization effect, without physical contact, through the natural principle phenomenon of “water on water induction”.

Several types of cores and devices are made to meet the needs of different uses and applications.מים חיים

Connecting life to the full potential of living water

Basic Concepts


Natural Vital Water

The water cycle in nature is in constant movement, from sea to sea -

evaporation, condensation, sediments, seeping, springs and the flow back into the sea.


Stagnant Water 

The opposite of vital water: water flow that has been stopped.

This water loses its quality, becomes moldy, develops bacterial activity and is not suitable for drinking or cleansing.


Pipe Water

Pipe water exists between vital water and stagnant water.

Pipe water is water that has been pumped, kept in reservoirs, pressured into pipes and its movement has been halted frequently. This curbing of the original flow and pressure causes the pipe water to lose its original cluster structure and the source quality of natural vital water which includes texture, freshness and taste. The pipe water is tired, lacking in vitality and low in quality.


Why is it important to revitalize our water? 

1. The pressure that accurs in the process of water flow through the pipe system changes the due to the water anomaly that the water anomaly that the structure of liquid water changes at high pressure.

2. The water is effected by the electromagnetic energy that surrounds us caused by informations transmitted through the air: radio, television, cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi and many other "noises”.


 MEYBRIAH Living Water

The revitalization effect achieved by MEYBRIAH products allow us to enjoy a new higher level of quality water – living water.

The revitalized living water tastes sweeter, has a delicate silky texture and is smooth and easy to swallow. 

There is a significant decrease in the bound chlorine levels and an increase in the bacterial stability when compared with normal pipe water.

MEYBRIAH's different applications for the revitalization process open a new world of opportunities which allow us to enjoy the natural benefits of revitalized living water for personal use, home use, water based products and other water based industrial uses. ​​

The water revitalization method allows us to optimize the full potential of our life, our products, the environment and our entire existence in the way given to us by the original water of mother nature.מים חיים


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