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MEYBRIAH's Personal Revitalization Stick is a small stylish portable revitalization tool.

It allows you to enjoy the benefits of revitalization wherever you are.

The wand:

  • revitalizes your personal drinking water

  • allows you to enjoy a higher quality level of taste from your food and beverages

  • maximizes your culinary experience


MEYBRIAH's personal revitalization stick is made of 100% stainless steel.

The stick contains a vital core filled with MEYBRIAH's unique revitalization water essence.

Just touch your glass of water, wine, cup of coffee or your favorite dish of food and enjoy the revitalization effect.

The vital core causes the revitalization effect, without physical contact, through the natural principle of “water on water induction” and will occur in less than 5 seconds.



  • The vital core is made of glass and should not be put into the freezer.

  • The personalstick is limited to meet the needs of personal revitalization use only.

  • It is highly recommended to replace the vital core once a year for maximum revitalization performance.


The external dimensions of the personal stick are 80mm length.14mm width.

Payment Options:

1) Paypal 

2) Credit Cards through Paypal's Site

3) Call Us (only in Israel): 0522469696


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